Puja Time!

For those of you who don’t know, Puja is the act of showing reverence to a god through invocations, prayers, songs, and rituals.In Kolkata the most prominent puja is the Durga Puja which is a 5 day long ritual of worshiping Maa Durga.For that, the Bengali residents of some particular areas make Pandals which are temporary structures set up to worship the God. There are statues of the God in the pandals.

So what my point is that. It’s Durga Puja time right now. And I live in the most “happening” place for durga pujas. And there are pandals at each end of my lane.

The Good thing about pujas- the beautiful lights , the beautiful pandals, the gifts, the amazing decoration, the fun of pandal hopping and the holidays.
The Bad thing- The tremendous traffic, sound pollution, congestion, and what not. Its like all the population of Kolkata is out of their houses and on the road. And believe me the population of Kolkata is no joke.


So anyways even though my head is killing me. I still had a chance to get the fun part of it – Pandal Hopping and the lights Oh The Lights. I totally love them

So I clicked picture of these pandals and all the photographs of this post were taken by me. 😀

The song that this reminds me of — All Of the Ligts- Kanye West 🙂

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The “no middle name” Name

The “no Middle name” Name

I don’t have a middle name but i wish i did.

My name seems plain. its like my name is Ridhi “nothing” Virmani..  But even if i don’t have a middle name at least I could have a cooler “no middle name” name. 😦 But eh.. you cant always get what you want now can you?

(this was a plinky question)

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Barney “Awesome” Stinson

As I have mentioned before. I love watching TV Shows.

So I obviously watch one of the best TV shows ever – How I met your Mother 🙂

I love that show ! Its so awesome and the reason it’s so awesome is beacause of Neil Patrick Harri.

He is seriously legendary!

Neil Patrick Harris

So I found a video about him that I totally loved

“Neil Patrick Harris INVENTED the word awesome!”

This comment speaks the feelings I have for this guy.

This man is GOD!

He is a master at acting Singing Histing and having self-confidence

he gives hope to homosexuals all over the world and my respect for gay people rose because of him.

This is a tribute to Neil Patrick Harris a.k.a. Barney legendary Stinson
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Taylor "Awesome" Swift

The Goddess in Human form herself. Taylor Swift.

She is awesome. I am her biggest fan. She writes everything a girl couldn’t figure out by herself. The girl always felt like that but could never really explain it in that way. Everything you go through , you can always relate to Taylor’s songs. And that’s why I love her. And my room is full of her posters. And I have a Taylor Swift scrapbook. 😀

My Dream is to meet her. But unfortunately i live in India and so i don’t think shes ever gonna perform here and I cant go there either cause I’m just 16 and my parents wont let me. 😦 Someone make my dream come true?

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It wont come off my list!

Get your ass out of bed and move around or something.



I can never keep up with it. I mean, I’m not exactly fat. But i do have some extra fat here and there. And that’s what i want to get rid off. + I’m not active. I don’t play any sport. Well I haven’t for the past few months and its really affecting my health. Its Mind-boggling!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

Sunset’s are beautiful and sensual.

Wherever you are. Whomever you’re with.
Everytime you see the sunset. You cant take your eyes off it

This ones from my trip to Kenya,

Hope You like it! 🙂

its the same with sunrises. The Amazing feeling you feel when you wake up early in the morning and youre totally fresh and happy. The sunrise is the cherry on the top.
This picture was also taken in Kenya. I was on a hot air balloon ride and i had the most fun Ive ever had in years.

I know this is not included in the “challenge” but I just really like this photograph 🙂


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Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Well I must say that’s a really good question.

But it’s the trickiest one anyone could ever ask.

Who Am I

Is someone defined by their name age and other normal details?

Okay so I am Ridhi. I am 16 years old living in Kolkata, India. I have an elder brother and live with my parents and grandparents.

Or is it by how people look at you?

Okay I’m a girl who loves helping people listening being sweet. I am the biggest Taylor swift and Taylor Lautner fan alive and everybody knows that. I love talking to people too. I am very emotional and sensitive. But I am easy to talk to and very understanding. And anyone will be lucky to have me as a friend.

So basically I am a package.

Well I should be but everything written above is all that other people have told me as compliments. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean I believe all of that.

Honestly. Sure the above things may be true and even if I agree to them. I don’t really like who I am.

When someone asks me tell me something about yourself. I am dumbstruck

I don’t know what, makes “me” – Me

That sad really but I tried to look at it from a positive way and I found out

I am a part of everyone.

A cynical pessimistic person would say I am who other people want me to be.

But the truth is there are just many many sides to me. I love looking at things in different ways. So that’s why I don’t totally hate anything.

But when I love, I love thoroughly. I love completely. I love totally. That’s because I love love.

this photos been taken by me. And the guy standing there is my brother. So yeah I love photography too. 🙂

I believe everything has a good side to it and a bad side. You can NEVER be a totally good person or a totally bad person. There’s a reason behind everything someone does. Whether the thing is a good deed or a bad deed. I also believe that you should never make your opinion about any person based on his past, because, Time has d power to change even ordinary coal into a diamond.

I am also really diplomatic. I am a Libran after all.

And yes I truly madly deeply believe in Horoscopes and astrology and stuff like that.

Not only that, I believed in a lot of stuff. I am a big believer!

And yeah I love music. I love movies. I love TV shows. I love science too.

I know a weird-weird combination. But ALL I have to do is believe and everything is normal.

I get irritated really fast. Like at the click of a finger.

But I also love to laugh. As much as I love to cry.

So everything above proves that I’m totally confused about myself.

But that’s the fun of it I guess. Being confused gives you options and choices. So that when you do choose something

You have a better chance of not regretting it.

What I do to make my choices is that I compare the pros and cons and then choose.

Sure it takes time. A LOT of time. But in the long run it helps to get closure.

So I guess Who I am is defined by what i believe in. which is basically everything. So I am everything. And that’s why I am a part of everyone. I have something or the other in common with each person I’ve ever met. NO one’s ever been exactly opposite.

But when I do meet the opposite of me. Well ill just see what happens 🙂

So the next time someone asks me “Who are you?”

I’ll just say “I am everything” 🙂

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